Lighter Fare: Personal/

Commission Work

A collection of commissions, personal work and fan art!

Red (Transistor)

Mermaid meeting a friendly sea-snake (Mermay)

Narwhal Merman (Mermay)

The Dire Plague Doctress is said to roam the countryside, visiting those near Death’s Door to offer her services. To the ones beyond saving, she offers peace and acceptance of their fate– keeping them company on the dark journey towards oblivion.
Often spotted during Carnival festivities, she is the embodiment of “memento mori”, reminding revelers that life and death are merely two sides of the same coin.

Wedding Gift Commission

Lighting Study

A series of postcards I created.

Inu Yasha

Succulent Bulbasaur

Phở Bath

Dessert Study 1/2

Cormorant Fisher Character Design