Prop and Set Design - Gemstone Streak

The origin of “pearl” is derived from the Latin word “perna”, meaning “leg” so I thought of a #ballet studio. The fun challenge was to find colors reminiscent of pearls without defaulting to just white and trying to incorporate an iridescent quality to it.

Amethyst comes from the word “amethustos”, which is Greek for “not drunken”. This stone was believed to have prevented drunkenness so I created a mysterious wine/spirits shoppe/apothecary.

Garnet comes from the Latin word, “granatum”, or pomegranate. I created a road-side fruit stand that sells magical garnet pomegranates.

An Aquamarine aquarium. “Aqua Marina” is Latin for “sea water”. I imagined a little world where a girl could spend her days watching gemstone-studded jellies swim and aquamarine gardens grow on the ocean floor.

An Emerald flowercart specializing in restorative emerald- infused plants and healing crystals. The etymology of the emerald goes a long way (Greek’s “smaragdos” meaning “green gem”). Due to the literal meaning, I chose to focus on the natural beauty and therapeutic effect of the color and greenery.

The etymology comes from Greek: “adamas/adamans” meaning “invincible/hardest metal” which brought weaponry/armory to mind. It was a challenge not to make everything white so I went with the bluer/purple colors found in diamond shines because I wanted the workshop to look more mysterious.


A Series of designs based on Gemstones and their etymology/history. This is a work in progress.